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Sales team trainings
Customized trainings for design and sales teams of apparel, home-textiles, furniture & coloured cosmetics companies 

Personal colour consultancy
Private lesson, in Turkish or in English, 2 days, certification

Colour Harmony 101
Colour mathematics for architects and interior designers, 1 day


Personal colour analysis
2 hour session, personalized colour palettes for a coordinated wardrobe, for individuals, actors/actresses/singers, business people

Colour Fitness workshop

Architectural colour consultancy
Colour directions for guaranteed aesthetics based on colour harmony (building materials and wall paints)

Colour harmony design
Harmonized and efficient design of colour catalogues, colour fans, coloured samples, swatches for any industry


85% of consumers indicate “colour” as the primary reason for why they buy a particular item.

If studied deeper, it’s the “colour tone”, “colour combination” and “contrast level” that makes an item desirable.  

Good news! These different tastes and coordinated fits are easy to be categorized!

I help fashion companies reach commercial results through orchestrating colours via "colour mathematics" and the methodology framing "unconscious selection modelling" of individuals, filtered throughout my 4000+ one-to-one consultations.

For the fashion industry, in my opinion, prior to searching for alternative methods and materials for "circular fashion" and "sustainability", optimizing the collection by using the resources wisely parallel to the expectations of each persona needs to be the first step to be taken. 

Too much guesswork and too many options need guidance from experienced professionals and I proudly offer from-scratch or fine-tuning consultancy from a “unique perspective”.  The strategic insights, inhouse trainings and carefully chosen inhouse focus group as a validation method, eliminates the risk of trial and error in production.

Making production plans and decisions based on colour tones is such an exciting, logical and accurate system that pays back.  


I started colourfit in 2007 as a personal colour consultant. Over 4000 one-to-one consultations as of today, is considered quite an experience in this arena.

From 2012 on, wanting to share my passion, I started teaching and now we are over 50 personal colour consultants in Turkey.

Craving to explore more, I became a certified architectural colour consultant in 2014.

Merging both disciplines enables me to give targeted and functional colour harmony prescriptions.

Strategic choice of colours in many industries is of critical importance. Combining my expertise with my on-going observations and researches, I am very much interested in “unconscious selection modelling” of individuals and "meaningful consumer behaviour categories"  from a colour point of view (mainly but not limited to) in textile, furniture and wall paint industries.

I am also happy to reflect my colour experience upon blogging and colour-oriented artworks such as marbling on water and computerized textile surface pattern designs.

more info: linkedin   my colour journey:

+90 532 413 10 05
Balmumcu, Besiktas, Istanbul, TR




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